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Herdian Rangga Permana, CPLM

Pelatihan online disampaikan dg baik serta mudah dipahami. Ujian berlangsung dg baik. Mentor serta staff memberikan support dg baik. Terima kasih.

Kartika Chandra Dewi, CPLM

What an intensive and insightful class! This is a program that I would like to suggest anyone interested or have a career in Logistics to join in. The program will enrich us with the theories and also the real examples of practices in the real world. This will give the added value to us personally …

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Sambudi Hamali, CPLM

Excellent certificate program. The guidance from qualified trainers and experts in their field successfully supported me with the certification. As an academic in logistics and supply chain management, I recommend that you obtain this certification.

Dodiek Ary Setyono, CPLM

Joining this training, we get complete and in-depth material without reducing the time and weight of the concepts presented. With mastery of knowledge, insight & extraordinary experience, Prof. Nyoman P. was able to provide the participants maximally which was easy to understand and even didn’t hesitate to add time, gave lots of exercises, sample questions …

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Adityo Prabowo Putranto, CPLM

Thank you for all the knowledge (either in CPLM materials & out of the materials) given by Prof Nyoman and for all the big help from Ms. Nuning. It will be very helpful for me in my jobs as a Logistics & Warehousing professional and for my future career advancement. The learning process is very interactive and …

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Putu Giri Artha Kusuma, CPLM

The training material covers a complete spectrum of logistics. Recommended for those who are pursuing a career in logistics.

Herdi Sudarmaji, CPLM

Excellent contents and expertly delivered. The knowlegde will definitely be valuable at work. Thank you.

Ratih Desiana, CPLM

The class was very intense with best modul. Prof Nyoman taught us very well in every class, giving us complete insight about Logistics management. It was a communicative discussions and helped us to achieve good understanding.

Oki Anita Candra dewi, CPLM

Pengalaman berharga saat mengikuti sertifikasi CPLM (Certified professional in Logistics Management), sekitar 2 minggu intensif belajar dengan dipandu Prof. nyoman baik secara synchronous maupun asynchronous, workshop yang sangat interaktif dan applicable serta mengikuti perkembangan2 isu global saat ini, sangat keren. Sertifikasi ini sangat berguna bagi saya dalam menambah khasanah keilmuan untuk menunjang pembelajaran kepada mahasiswa …

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