30 April – 22 June 2024


30 April – 22 June 2024


6 July 2024

frequently asked question

This is an initiative to recognize organizations’ talents in Indonesia that demonstrate excellent operations in supply chain (inventory, warehouse, logistics, transportation, procurement, etc) evaluated by prestigious juries from various industries. Our objectives are:

  • To appreciate the talents that have outstanding contribution for the company.
  • To promote the importance of having excellent supply chain management and operations within the company.
  • To showcase the success of the successful innovation carried out by supply chain professionals.
  • To extend the networking opportunities for supply chain enthusiasts.

Indonesian Supply Chain Awards are designed to recognize talents that are working in the function of supply chain of any organization such as manufacturers, logisitics company, trade company, etc.

Excluded from the eligible organization are: consultants and university.

No, you can not apply more than one category.

The registration takes a few steps:

  • Pay the registrations fees to register for your candidancy.
  • Fill out the registration form with the correct information. We suggest you to write down your essay on Microsoft word or google docs to be copied later on the form. You will receive a copy of your submitted form on your email, any changes regarding to information submitted may contact our person in charge.
  • Check your e-mail regularly, you may also notify your referee that we may contact them during the early stage to schedule for a verification call.

If you are nominating your colleague, you may skip the registration fee first and proceed to fill the registration form. The registration fees are borne by the participants.

In order to participate in the awards, payment should be made prior to the registration. There are few steps needed:

  1. Pay the registration fees online to ISCEA Indonesia.
  2. Receipt will be delivered to your email after your payment is verified. 
  3. The order ID on your receipt is required to be mentioned on your registration form later. 

Payment Terms and Condition

  1. This ticket is non-refundable. However, you can hand the ticket over to others.
  2. The changes in the attendees’ information shall contact the committee first.
  3. Please ensure you have the right e-mail because the committee will send you the confirmation email based on the registered e-mail.

The company or organization must be based on Indonesia.

The reference may come from anyone superior or have the equal position as you within the company.

You will be scored based on four metrics, those are:

  1. Achievement/Result; The candidate should be able to demonstrate the achievement gained during the past year that is aligned to the organization’s vision.
  2. Credibility; The candidate should be able to give the correct information that later will be validated with the referee.
  3. Credentials; The candidate should be able to be able show credential evidence (such as certification, diploma, etc)

Yes, participating in the event will be equal to 10 PDUs.

Awarding session on

Supply chain innovation summit 2024

final day, 13 july 2024

@ Double tree by hilton

kemayoran jakarta

previous awarding

This awards celebrates the leader who has gone extra length to achieve the company goals through innovative ideas and/or improvement.

  • Maximum 30 years of age
  • Working in logistics or supply chain function
  • Demonstrate progressive track records
  • The company is based in Indonesia

This award is awarded to visionary young talents under 30 that has contributed to the companys’ supply chain and demonstrate strong potential to become a great leader.

  • Supply Chain Manager position or closely related
  • Working in logistics or supply chain function
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in related fields
  • Promote innovation in the area of supply chain
  • The company is based in Indonesia