Indonesian Supply Chain Awards 2024 Registration Fees



Indonesian Supply Chain Awards by ISCEA Indonesia is the first awarding event by ISCEA Indonesia. ISCA is an initiative to recognize organizations’ talents in Indonesia that demonstrate
excellent operations in the supply chain and its derivatives such as inventory, warehouse, logistics, transportation, procurement, etc. The awards are a way to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of Indonesian business in the supply chain field, encouraging further growth and progress in the industry.

Registration Process:

  1. Participants must pay for the registration before filling out the form. The registration fee is Rp600,000.- for each participant. The participants can purchase the order on and then choose Indonesian Supply Chain Awards Registration Fees. Then follow the payment procedure. The order number information from the invoice shall be mentioned on the registration form.
  2. Fill out the registration form on our website or you can follow this link
  3. The candidates should describe their experience by answering the questions on the
    forms. The description should not be more than 500 words.
  4. Fill out the referee contact information including name, email address, job title, and their phone number. The candidates may submit more than two referee names. The candidates should inform the referees regarding their participation and the call sessions that we may conduct on 30 April – 22 June 2024 to verify the claims.
  5. The evidence submitted can be the power point presentation of the projects, the project report/summary, essay, publication, etc. The files should be submitted in PDF format.
  6. Participants will receive the summary in their email. Shall there be any changes made on the registration form, should inform the committee first.