Dodiek Ary Setyono, CPLM

Joining this training, we get complete and in-depth material without reducing the time and weight of the concepts presented. With mastery of knowledge, insight & extraordinary experience, Prof. Nyoman P. was able to provide the participants maximally which was easy to understand and even didn’t hesitate to add time, gave lots of exercises, sample questions and trial exams to make participants better understand the material & program in detail. The CPLM program is very applicable to be applied in any organization & becomes a provision for success for Logistician people.
The learning method is made without reducing work productivity and can be followed anywhere, including the availability of video copies of each subject that make it easier to explore each material. It is an honor & pride for us to be a member of the ISCEA family in this 1st batch CPLM program.
keterangan: saran waktu pembelajaran dimulai jam 19.00 WIB, utk mengakomodasi peserta yg blm tiba di rumah.